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5 Ways You Can Keep a Positive, Professional Online Presence

Chances are your world got a lot more virtual over the past year. Jobs moved online, schools moved online … Let’s face it – Due to quarantine requirements, most of our lives moved online due to COVID-19. Whether or not this shift to virtual interactions is new to you, there are a few rules of thumb you can follow to ensure you are projecting the best version of yourself in cyberspace.

Following these 5 easy tips will help you keep a positive, professional profile when working with others in your next Zoom meeting:

  1. Place the camera even with your face: This mimics a face-to-face interaction. Looking down on the camera can be perceived as condescending, while looking up at the camera is just plain awkward.
  2. Tidy up your background space: Don’t forget that your workspace is a reflection on you. Removing clutter and overly personal items helps project a streamlined image; if you wouldn’t have an object at your physical worksite, don’t include it in your visible background at home.
  3. Invest in a headset: The ability to easily hear the online meeting coupled with blocking out your own household’s background noise makes this purchase well worth the money!
  4. Dress the part: If you are meeting with supervisors or other professionals, dress as you would if you were meeting with them in person.
  5. Use the mute button: In group meetings of three or more people, mute yourself while you are not speaking. This blocks out inadvertent (and potentially embarrassing!) noises such as pets, children, lawnmowers… the list goes on. Just remember to un-mute yourself when it’s your turn to speak!

Whether via Zoom, Google Meet or some other online platform, virtual get-togethers are the new “normal.” Make the most of it by putting your best face forward in cyberspace!